- For a more sustainable society

- Health and wellness!

- Plaster surfaces provide a uniform temperature for well-being and comfort in each room.
- Um meio eficaz de som isolamento, elementos de construção com gesso tem um uso prático em prédios públicos e urbano.
- Works in an active and retardant way preventing a fire .
- Gypsum boards have extremely low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other pollutants, which gives them the characteristics of a non-toxic product.

- Our solar panel project

1786 Suntech Power 280Wp photovoltaic modules
12 inverters Huawei Sun 2000-36KTL
Peak power: 500.08 kWp
Rated power: 432.00 kW
Solar Log monitoring system

- Gypfor is an ATEDY member

ATEDY is an association that promotes sustainability and protection of bio diversity, guaranteeing the conservation of animal and plant species when exploring plaster quarries

- Gypfor is "Extraordinary member" of Eurogypsum

Founded in 1961, Eurogypsum is a European federation of national associations of manufacturers of plaster products
In which Gypfor adopted its main objectives of, promoting a sustainable construction solution through the environmental, social and economic benefits of plaster.
The members of this European association are distinguished by the use of 100% recyclable products and the development of solutions with greater added value and added value.

- Gypsum reuse cycle

- Our commitment

Continue to continuously explore plaster reuse methods. Working to optimize the recyclability of our product and promote the sustainability of construction.